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As typical in the built world, behind every building is a list of people that envisioned and designed it, built it, financed it, approved it, maintain it, and use it. This a place to find the People - firms and individuals - which made the world of buildings happen. This is a place to learn about all the folks 'behind the scene' ... and also a place for those 'behind the scene' to let everyone know they had a part in making the building happen.

Ever driven down a city street or looked down a block and wondered what it took to make all those buildings happen? Who designed that odd looking building on the corner? Who built that new school? The goal of WoBs, is to help make learning this information easier and as enjoyable as possible. If you notice a building on WoBs that doesn't list someone, you would like to list yourself or your firm as part of a building project, here is where you start!

All People associated with a building, must first be in the WoBs database. It's pretty easy to do so please, if you would like to add someone to the database, please follow the link below:

Add People to the World!

If you want to just look around, you can either: enter the name to the right and select from the list of People in the database; or go here and:

Browse People in the World.

To go directly to a person or firm, type name here:

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