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WorldofBuildings.com (WoB) is an architectural and construction reference tool which is free and open for anyone to explore, share, edit and add to.

Mission of WorldofBuildings.com

WorldofBuildings.com was created with the goal of offering an open platform where anyone can display and add information about the built world around us. Built from the ground up to accomplish this goal, WoB provides a place where everyone is free to add to and access information about the built environment we find all around us.

WoB provides a home for anyone interested, learning and / or involved in the built world. Weather you are an architect or contractor interested in displaying your work, a student researching buildings and materials, a homeowner researching designs and materials for a home remodel or new construction, or interested in creating your own architectural tour, WoB can be a useful tool. Architects, engineers and contractors can display information about the buildings they have worked on; materials suppliers and manufacturers can offer examples of where or how their products have been used; tourists can save or copy lists of buildings they'd like to see on their next or current vacation; students can research buildings, people and materials all at the same time at the same place for a quicker, better understanding of the built world. The list goes on and on ... we are really excited with all the possibilities and look forward to see others find WoB useful!

At the core of WoB, is a user-editable database made up of three basic parts: the buildings which make up the world around us; the materials that go into those buildings; and the people who made it all happen. As the database grows, WoB will be able to draw greater correlations between not only buildings, people and materials but geographic location, user groups, timescale. We plan to continually build on this platform so we can better pass information onto the users of WoB. Several features are in the works which will build on our three basic parts and we look forward to the future anxiously.

Understanding that a lot of building information is already available on the internet, WoB tries to integrate with other resources whenever possible and allow easier access to this information. By entering just a building name, address and wikipedia link, WoB can establish the latitude and longitude coordinates and integrate with google maps and other map API's; allow easy searching on Flickr™ and Youtube; and display information on Wikipedia. The fun doesn't stop there though! Detailed information may be entered about each building and include any number of people and materials associated with it as well as a detailed timeline of events - from programming to demolition.

As one can imagine, tracking all this information can be cumbersome and hard to validate. WoB tries as much as possible to protect the integrity of the information found here, however, since this site is open to everyone, we can not verify everything. We do keep a log of all edited information revised and will delete information we find or are informed is not valid or appropriate.

Go ahead, sign up and help the world grow!

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