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WorldofBuildings.com (WoB) is an architectural and construction reference tool which is free and open for anyone to explore, share, edit and add to.

User Editable database of Buildings, People and Materials
At the core of WoB is a user-editable database made up of three basic parts: the buildings which make up the world around us; the materials which go into those buildings; and the people which made it all happen. As the database grows so to will the ability of others to gain and share information about the built world around us. Whether you're an architect, engineer or contractor looking to display work; going on vacation and want to learn more about your destination; or just someone interested in the built world, WoB can be a useful tool.

User-Created Editable and Sharable Lists
One of the more useful tools here at WoB, is the ability to create, edit and share lists of any building, person, material, or term you find at WoB. We imagine several uses for these lists and to name just a few:
  • Anyone can create their own architectural tour.
  • Students can create lists of buildings, architects and materials to aid in their design development and research projects.
  • Architects, engineers and contractors can create lists of their projects and send prospective clients or use for promoting their own firm.
  • Homeowners can create a lists of architectural styles and/or materials they find inspirational and would like to share with their architect or contractor while designing their new home or remodel.

Optimized Mobile Site
mobile To help get a feeling of what everyone thinks, all builds, people and materials can be rated by WoB users. Also, you may leave a comment and let your friends on facebook (or not) hear what you have to say. We're anxious to hear what you have to say!

WoB Rating System and facebook comments
To help get a feeling of what everyone thinks, all builds, people and materials can be rated by WoB users. Also, you may leave a comment and let your friends on facebook (or not) hear what you have to say. We're anxious to hear what you have to say!

User Profile and Information
Each user of WoB can create their own profile and create their own little space on WoB. Users can share information about themselves, display lists and share their favorite Buildings, People and Materials lists, and display the buildings they have added. Please, signup and start sharing your own information!

Integration with Google Maps™ and Bing Maps
Whenever possible WoB integrates with mapping sites such as Google Maps and Bing Maps to make locating and understanding the physical context of a building as easy as possible. By simply providing an address, WoB will determine the latitude and longitude coordinates of the building. These coordinates can then be used with mapping sites to create several different map views including: Bird's eye view, Street view, satellite views, physical maps with contours, and street maps.

WoB GeoCoder - Convert any address into Latitude & Longitude
If you need to turn any street address into Latitude and Longitude coordinates, WoB can do that plus display a small map image of the location. Go ahead give it a try!

WoB Dictionary - the webs largest dictionary of architecture and construction terms
To help everyone better understand the architectural and construction industry, WoB is creating the most comprehensive architectural and construction term dictionary available on the web. Also, with the ability to add as many images as desired to all these terms and definitions, it will soon become the best way to learn exactly what all those odd terms really mean.

Image Galleries
As we've all heard before, a picture says a thousand words. Well, we agree. This why we have integrated an image gallery for each building, person (firm) or material added to WoB. Users of WoB may add as many images as they wish and we encourage everyone to take part! Because, pictures really do say a thousand words.

Upload any Microsoft Word .doc, Excel .xls or Adobe .pdf File
While pictures may say a thousand words, image files may not be enough. If you have information about a building in .doc, .xls, or .pdf formats, you can upload and share those documents also.

Display AutoCAD dwf files with Freewheel
In addition to the word, excel and adobe formats above, users can also upload AutoCAD dwf files which can be viewed by anyone using a browser compatible with AutoDesk's Freewheel (tested on EI8, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome). Every building started with a set of drawings, now you can upload and view them here! Go here to view an example.

So, what does all this cost? $$
WoB is a free service and intends on remaining a free service. WoB primary mission is to provide easier access for everyone to information about the built world around us. We believe charging a fee would go against the 'everyone' part of our mission and not allow the free-flow of information. Our business model for generating revenue is through advertising and the sale of architectural merchandize such as books and videos.

So, what's next?
Keep checking back as we plan to continue to add to and improve features here at WoB. Some new things in the works include: more map integration and improvements; improved user interaction with the database; and A user based blog type system where anyone can write an article or review - we're excited about this one! Those are just a few ... we gots lots of ideas! So, come on back now ya hear!

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